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Stretchable Ammo Carriers (Batteries Too)

From the manufacturer: 'Our signature "Stretchables" have become favorites of ours and our customers. Can you blame us? These little guys are not only useful for their stated purpose, but will hold anything that fits. A friend has a 20-gauge 'coach gun' for home defense and keeps its shells in the CR123-size stretchable battery carrier. All sorts of little cylindrical objects will fit, such as lightsticks, oiler bottles, fat permanent markers, flash drives, lighters, etc. Clip them anywhere with the included aluminum carabiner for handy access in the garage, kitchen, car or inside your backpack. They are flat when empty and super lightweight. Buy all you want because there are no "per household" limitations. ; ) Seriously, these are great, multifunctional gifts for your friends AND for yourself.'
Made from tough but incredibly lightweight but strong XHD (Extra Heavy Duty) elastic webbing and has a loop at one end to fit small or large carabiners (*small mini-biner included -- NOT for climbing). This handy option allows it to be easily and conveniently clipped anywhere from the inside of your backpack, belt loops, on tactical pants' D-rings, or seatback bungies in your car. Options are only limited by your imagination.

Item IDSizeDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
Stretchable Carriers for Handgun Cartridges
WIS383573806x .38/.357/.380/9mmWISBAT Stretchable Ammo Thing16.95
WIS44/45/406x .44/.45/.40WISBAT Stretchable Ammo Thing16.95
WISBAT4546x .454/.460/.500WISBAT Stretchable Ammo Thing16.95
WISBAT22MG6RD6x .22 MagWISBAT Stretchable Ammo Thing15.95
WISBAT22MG12RD12x .22 MagWISBAT Stretchable Ammo Thing16.95
WISBATZIG2214x .22LR/.17HM2WISBAT Stretchable Ammo Thing16.95
Stretchable Carriers for Rifle Cartridges or Batteries
WISBAT6x AAA/.308/.44/.410/.500WISBAT Stretchable Ammo Thing16.95
WISBAT3082238x .308/.223/.30-30/.30-06WISBAT Stretchable Ammo Thing16.95
Stretchable Carriers for Shotgun Shells or Batteries
112WISBAT6AA6x AA/28 GaugeWISBAT Stretchable Ammo Thing16.95
WISBAT12GA5SHT5x 12/16 GaugeWISBAT Stretchable Ammo Thing16.95
WISBT12320G6x CR123/20 GaugeWISBAT Stretchable Ammo Thing16.95
WISBT123AA4x CR123/20 Gauge, 2x AA/28 GaugeWISBAT Stretchable Ammo Thing16.95
WISBT123AAA4x CR123/20 Gauge, 2x AAA/.410WISBAT Stretchable Ammo Thing16.95
WISBT9V4x 9V/C-Cell/10 GaugeWISBAT Stretchable Ammo Thing16.95

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