Revolver Speedloaders (a.k.a. Speed Loaders)

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Why load your revolver one cartridge at a time. With one slight twist, push, or pull, these speedloaders instantly load all chambers of nearly any revolver.
The speedloader principle is simple: hold cartridges securely in the loader until you release them into the revolver with a turn, push, or pull of the speed loader knob.
Super-Fast Super-Dependable!

We carry the COMPLETE lines of all five of the main brands of speedloaders plus cases and loading blocks
Speed Strips
5 Star Speedloaders HKS Speedloaders JetLoader Speedloaders MaxFire Speedloaders Safariland Speedloaders Bianchi Speed Strips
5 Star Firearms HKS JetLoader MaxFire Safariland Bianchi
Solid Aluminum The Original Spring Loaded One Piece Rubber COMP I, II, & III Polyurethane
CCW Twist to Release CW Twist to Release Push to Release Sideways Pull to Release Push to Release Flex to Release
Made in The USA Made in The USA Made in Austria Made in The USA Made in The USA Made in Canada
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CaliberCylinderSpeedloader Availability by Brand - Click on ✓'s
5 Star
[ $19.94-$32.94 ea ]
[ $10.95 ea ]
[ $24.95 ea ]
[ $14.95 pair ]
[ $13.75-$20.00 ea ]
[ $9.00 pair ]
.22 LR 6 Shot     
8 Shot     
9 Shot     
10 Shot     
.22 Mag 6 Shot    
7 Shot     
.32 H&R Mag
.327 Federal Mag
6 Shot    
7 Shot     
.357 Mag
.38 Spec
5 Shot
6 Shot
7 Shot  
8 Shot   
.41 Mag 5 Shot    
6 Shot    
.44 Mag
.44 Spec
5 Shot  
6 Shot 
.410 Shotshell
2 Shot    
5 Shot  
6 Shot   
7 Shot    
.45 LC
.454 Casull
5 Shot  
6 Shot   
.45 Auto Rim 6 Shot     
.460 S&W Mag 5 Shot     
.480 Ruger 6 Shot     
.500 S&W Mag 5 Shot     
Speedloader Accessories
Holders / Cases 
Loading Blocks    

NOTE: If your revolver is not listed, the speedloader may not fit--check with the gun manufacturer. If the cylinder dimensions are the same as a listed revolver, then they might use the same speedloader. Whether your gun is listed or not, with the cylinder fully open there must be a straight path for all rounds to load simultaneously, plus a small allowance for the thickness of the side of the speedloader. If your revolver's grip or cylinder release is in the way of the speedloader, the grip or cylinder release may need to be replaced or modified. Make sure the round count of your cylinder matches that of the speedloader. Listed above is the extent of what has been tested or reported by other customers as working--if your gun is not listed we have no further information. If the gun manufacturer has changed the gun in recent years, or it is a newer model, it is possible the listed speedloader for that gun may not work--check with the gun manufacturer.

Speedloader -- Speed Loader -- HKS -- Buffer Tech JetLoader -- MaxFire -- Safariland -- 5Star
H.K.S. -- Jet Loader -- Max Fire -- COMP I -- COMP II -- COMP III -- 5 Star Firearms

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