Pachmayr® Products

The Brand that Shooters and Gunsmiths have come to trust for over 70 years.

5% discount for $75 purchase, or 10% discount for $250 purchase

  • Pachmayr Slip-On Grips
    • Made from a special rubber formula that gives superior stretch yet maintains tight fit on almost all gun frames. Easiest to install.
  • Tactical Grip Gloves
    • The Slip-On That Fits Like a Glove. Outperforms All Other Slip-On Grips. Custom Molded for each Pistol Model
  • Pachmayr Slip-On Recoil Pads
    • Fit most stocks available. Easy to install and excellent recoil absorbing qualities make these one of our most popular products. Available in rubber, classic leather, and the NEW Decelerator.
  • Pachmayr Pac-Skin
    • This "peel-n-stick" rubber material provides the "ultimate gripping suface" on any surface where improved cushion, grip surface, or equipment protection is desired.
  • Pachmayr Snap Caps
    • Ideal for training. Made of tough plastic exterior with solid brass base.

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