MaxFire Speed Loader Cases

This is the last of the MaxFire specific cases,
order now before they are all gone!

MaxFire Case
Nylon Double Pouches w/ Plastic Cup Inserts
Black shown, Camo also available.
These cases were custom designed for MaxFire speedloaders.
Select the Size that matches the model number of your speedloader.

Item IDSizeDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
SPAM4KMaxfire Speedloader Pouch [Black]29.98
SPA(Camo)M4KMaxfire Speedloader Pouch [Camo]29.98
SPBM2KMaxfire Speedloader Pouch [Black]29.98
SPB(Camo)M2KMaxfire Speedloader Pouch [Camo]29.98
SPBBM5K, M8KMaxfire Speedloader Pouch [Black]29.98
SPBB(Camo)M5K, M8KMaxfire Speedloader Pouch [Camo]29.98
SPC(Camo)M6K, M16K, M21KMaxfire Speedloader Pouch [Camo]29.98
SPCCM3K, M13KMaxfire Speedloader Pouch [Black]29.98
SPD(Camo)M1K, M14KMaxfire Speedloader Pouch [Camo]29.98

Sorry, no additional discounts apply to these cases.
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